Barn conversions in West Sussex

Barns by their very nature are full of character. Most clients that are looking to convert an existing barn have a desire to maintain as much of this character as possible. That is why we put so much emphasis on being sympathetic to their original design. We don’t like to destroy what’s already there simply so that we have a blank canvas to work with, so if there are design features worth preserving, we will always suggest and find a way to do so.When we complete a barn conversion, it will still retain its charm. The features that drove you to purchase your barn in the first place will still be there, but they will simply have been modernised and converted in a way that enables you to use your barn for its new purpose.

What does a barn conversion involve?

For a barn that is to be converted into a liveable home, Broadoak Building Company can help with:

  • Preserving wooden beams and structures
  • Adding flooring suitable for a living space
  • Layout and division of separate rooms
  • Linking personal space (i.e. bedrooms) to public space (i.e. living areas)
  • Maximising open-planned living space
  • Ensuring enough light can enter the barn

Our passion for barn conversions comes in part from owner Glynn’s past experience in antique furniture restoration, which has equipped Broadoak Building Company with a great deal of knowledge when it comes to selecting the best colours and chemicals to apply to wooden structures. We know what is going to look good, and we know how treated wood will wear and react over time, depending on the products we use on it.

For examples of previous barn conversions we have undertaken, please see our gallery page or contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.